Publishing Techniques for Young Scientists

type  2-day course
lecturer  VINMES representatives: David Bušek, Alexandra Fodor, Attila Géczy,
                                                 Balázs Illés, Oliver Krammer, Agata Skwarek
format  live videoconference
start time and duration  Oct 26 and 27 at 9 AM CET
materials for students
 presentations available on VINMES website
evaluation method  quiz (during the course)


Publishing the first journal articles may be a hard task for young scientists, but is mandatory for obtaining doctoral degree or applying for grants. Combined with little experience in scientific communication, this is often the reason of their PhD studies failure. Engineering and technical sciences are particularly demanding in this subject. The goal of this course is to help Early Stage Scientists for their articles being accepted by the journals with the high Impact Factor (IF) which is the most important indicator of journal ranking.

Course will cover following topics:

   Where to present your results
   General structure of journal paper
   Literature survey, search engines, references, citations
   Statistical analysis of the results in brief
   General requirements for presenting - images and plots
   General structure of extended abstracts for conferences
   Your first presentation at a conference - short and long presentations
   General structure of extended abstracts for conferences
   How to prepare a paper for final format
   How to prepare for your first review
   Workshop on practicing the presentation the scientific results

Detailed agenda is available here.


The Visegrad Network for Microelectronics Engineering Scientists (VINMES) was co-created by six  institutions of science in Europe:

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Institute of Electron Technology Division in Krakow, Poland
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic

The network was established in response to the strong need and interest for publication, support and education of publication techniques. It has been successfully run
two projects with one of the main objectives being "enhancing and supporting the scientific publication of young scientists [...], with a knowledge transfer about presentation techniques, article writing, and publication practices". This goal has been realized by organizing courses for postgraduate students starting from 2016.

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