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Most of the content in this section requires authentication.

DO NOT logon using the top left  tab "Log in" (over upper menu). Instead, entering the subpage with non-public content will trigger small window for credentials. Login and password will be send via email.

You may be informed about switching domains with the information that the password will be sent to a different page than the one currently visited. This is correct behavior and does not require user special attention.


Each prerecorded video can be watched in several resolutions: directly on the website with fixed resolution, or in a new window in native / adjusted to the window size resolution.

Presentations used in videos will be available for downloading at the end of the event.

During the laboratories you may be asked to use previously downloaded materials in the form of programs, documents etc. They will be available in subsection dedicated to a course.

All provided applications were tested on Windows 7 / Windows 10 and do not require installation (do not interfere with system files). If not, the relevant information about requirements will be provided with the download link.


All live connections will be made using the TrueConf system. To ensure the same quality of services for all users and effective assistance during videoconferences, it was decided to use web-based application. Short description is here.

Links to the live videoconferences will be active 15 minutes before classes.

Videoconferences may be recorded.


Dates of the classess will be published in News section, and simultaneously sent via ESRs group email. If possible, the dates will be agreed with students via e-mail. Some classess will be prerecorded so that you can attend them any time you want (and watch with the highest quality).


We are making every effort to provide you with all the necessary information, and preparing everything so that the program runs smoothly. Unfortunately, some things remain beyond our control. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection.

In case of any problems, please contact us.

Description of known technical issues and their solutions are provided here.



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